Micro CT

The Micro-Computer Tomography (Micro-CT) is a non-destructive radiographic method for high resolution 2D X-ray inspection and 3D computer tomography. A sequence of images, generated from X-ray absorption measurements, enables the complete reconstruction of a test specimen as volume model. Both high resolution 2D tomographic images (radioscopy images) as well as the complete 3D volume of models of any kind of geometry can be provided in digital form.

Scopes of application

  • Structural analysis of components of any structure and made from various materials (plastics, ceramics, fiber composite materials, light alloys)
  • Acquisition of the spatial position and distribution of differences in density, change of material or material faults (blowholes, pores, cracks, inclusions)
  • 2D visualization/analysis of defined sections and 3D visualization/analysis of the volume, conditioning, interpretation and preparation of result reports
  • Reverse Engineering, quality control of complex components, geometry target/actual comparison of 3D CAD Data vs. CT Data


  • Device: Skyscan 1172
  • Detail detection from: 1µm
  • Maximum sensor size: Ø75mm x 95mm
  • Maximum resolution: 0.7µm

2D and 3D measurement

  • Reverse Engineering: 3D scanning of complex objects
  • 2D and 3D measurement using LEICA measuring microscope VMM 100 BT (resolution 0.5µm; up to 500-times magnification, with CCD camera)
  • Documentation

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