Network Isolators

One of our central product lines are Network Isolators. We offer the largest range of Network Isolators worldwide, with performance levels that far exceed those of competing products. Our Network Isolators are engineered and manufactured here in Germany, and meet the requirements of IEC 60601-1. They are also listed as Recognized Components by UL (Underwriters Laboratories).
Network Isolators developed by EMO Systems are galvanic isolation devices which are used to protect people and devices from dangerous voltages arising from the network periphery. Their main uses are in the field of medical technology.

Scopes of Application

  • Medical electrical devices whose operation is permitted only when existing signal interfaces present a standards-compliant means of separation. Hence the frequently used term “medical network isolator”.

  • Sensitive measuring and monitoring devices in electrical testing laboratories, which are connected through an Ethernet network to a control centre, and need to be protected from transient voltages and potential voltage differences.

  • Computer systems which are electrically connected over long distances via Ethernet cabling, where potential equalising currents need to be prevented.

  • Audio applications, to reduce the transmission of low frequency alternating currents (AC hum) over the network connection.

  • Applications where valuable or especially vulnerable devices need to be protected from overvoltage and line noise from peripheral network equipment.

Customer Specific Variants

Working together with you, we can develop and design a Network Isolator that is optimally tailored to your specific requirements; including the construction of all molds and tools necessary for production and assembly, the preparation of all product-accompanying documents, creating packaging designs, as well as taking care of any approvals you require for your product.


EMOSAFE Network Isolators operate based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Because of this transmission principle, Network Isolators do not require separate power supplies. There are no software drivers to be installed. Transmitter modules developed especially for our Network Isolators reach dielectric strengths of up to 6000 V AC and 8500 V DC (model dependent); and with a three-layer insulation system, conform to the highest safety requirements. At the same time they facilitate a particularly low-loss signal transfer, so that the usual maximum Ethernet network path length of 100 meters can be fully utilised in most cases without leading to a reduction in data throughput.


Both the development and the production processes of our Network Isolators are certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485. Prior to delivery, each EMOSAFE Network Isolator is individually tested, to measure, record, and ensure the compliance of their dielectric withstand strengths.
To guarantee optimal transmission quality, each EMOSAFE Network Isolator is additionally subjected to a comprehensive quality inspection. This inspection ensures that the attained values relating to transmission performance (specifically insertion losses, return losses, and near end crosstalk values) all meet or exceed the specified requirements.